Work & Auto Injuries

Work & Auto Injuries

How we can help

Some of the most common types or injuries orthopedic physicians treat are work-related or are caused by an auto accident. Many people have heard of carpal-tunnel syndrome, a condition of the wrist that is painful and usually caused by some repetitive motion in your occupation. In fact there are many types of conditions of the spine, shoulders, hands, feet, ankle, knee, elbow and hip that can similarly be caused by an activity you do frequently.

Auto accidents can also injure your musculoskeletal system, causing things that range from fractures, to ligament tears, tendon and muscle injuries. Our orthopedic physicians working as a team with our physical therapists cann help you heal and recover from such injuries as quickly as possible with the least invasive intervention required.

In many cases, accidents can result in more severe injuries that may require surgical intervention. In such cases, our orthopedic physicians will use minimally invasive techniques to get you back in shape promptly. You can read more about our surgical capabilities here.

If you are the victim of an auto or work accident and your injuries are preventing you from enjoying a normal life and work schedule, please call our office so we can recommend one of our orthopedic physicians that will be best suited for your care.